Harlequin vinyl floors

Harlequin vinyl flooring can be laid onto a range of level sub-floors (e.g. concrete, wood or plywood) but we do not recommend laying it on carpet.

In most cases, we recommended that a Harlequin vinyl floor is placed on top of a Harlequin sprung floor to offer added assurance for better protection from injuries, providing a performer with the feeling of optimum safety.

Vinyl floors can be permanent, semi-permanent or portable. Which floor is best for you?

  • Permanent - the vinyl floor is stuck down with adhesive and can’t be removed without risking damage.
  • Semi-permanent - the vinyl floor is loose-laid using double-sided tape and then welded at the seams. The seams can later be cut and the vinyl floor taken up.
  • Portable - the vinyl floor is rolled out and the joins are either covered with tape or temporarily secured to the sub-floor on the underside of the vinyl floor with double-sided tape.

Check out our range of Harlequin vinyl floors. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Harlequin Allegro

Harlequin Allegro is the thickest roll-out dance floor available worldwide and provides great protection for dancers due to its point-elasticity and slip-resistant dance surface. Harlequin Allegro is ideal for contemporary, modern, hip hop, jazz and street dance, as well as aerobics and zumba, as it can help to reduce performer fatigue and impact ...

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Harlequin Cascade

Harlequin Cascade - the ultimate heavy-duty dance floor, providing deceptively good grip, as well as a high-quality base for lighting designers. Suitable for a variety of applications including: Ballet  Contemporary  Modern  Theatre stages Aerobics  Hip-hop Street Jazz  ...

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Harlequin Clarity

Harlequin Clarity -  is a durable homogeneous clear vinyl flooring with an embossed texture suitable as a dance surface and for high traffic commercial use.Specially formulated for reverse bespoke digital printing and as a clear protective wear layer with the highest abrasion classification available. Suitable for a variety of applications ...

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Harlequin Fiesta

Harlequin Fiesta - oak strip effect vinyl dance floor which is particularly popular for ballroom and salsa dance. It is also ideal for: Percussive (Tap/Irish/Flamenco) Multi-purpose use Hip-hop Street dance Jazz Aerobics Theatre stages Harlequin Fiesta was developed because of the need for a floor which...

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Harlequin FreeStyle

Harlequin FreeStyle; a great vinyl floor for hip-hop, street dance and drama use. It's also well-suited for: Jazz Contemporary Modern Aerobics Zumba Developed to meet the needs of hip-hop and street dancers, who wanted a floor that provided less slip-resistance, enabling them to move freely when wearing ...

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Harlequin Hi-Shine

Harlequin Hi-Shine is the striking vinyl event and display flooring of choice. It's available in 'metallic' gold, 'metallic' silver, black, white, red, blue and grey and is widely used for: Television sets Concert stages Music videos Product launches Catwalks/Runways Exhibitions Window displays Pantomime ...

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Harlequin Marine

Harlequin Marine - extensively installed on cruise liners, as it conforms to IMO standards and fire ratings. Ideal for: Marine vessels Multi-purpose use Percussive (Tap/Irish/Flamenco) Concerts Television sets Theatre stages Harlequin Marine is a hard-wearing, fire-resistant vinyl floor specified for permanent ...

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Harlequin Reversible

Harlequin Reversible - the original double-sided dance and stage floor. Historically referred to as a 'Marley floor', Harlequin Reversible is slip-resistant and a different colour on each side thus providing two floors in one. Ideal for touring purposes, as temporary theatre flooring and as a tap dance floor to protect wooden flooring ...

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Harlequin Reversible Pro

Established over four decades ago, Harlequin Reversible is the original double- sided dance and stage floor. It’s a hardwearing yet lightweight calendered vinyl that is slip-resistant on both sides, thus providing two floors in one! Special wear coats make it easy to maintain and it rolls out quickly. Harlequin Reversible Pro has the same features...

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Harlequin Showfloor

Harlequin Showfloor - lightweight temporary display floor that encounters light to medium ‘traffic’. Suitable for use as a short life floor and is ideal for: Fashion catwalks Exhibition stands Stage sets Events Shows  Art Exhibitions Harlequin Showfloor has an embossed surface that helps to ...

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Harlequin Standfast

Harlequin Standfast; a hard-wearing, durable, slip-resistant dance, performance and stage floor. And a superb choice when used in conjunction with a Harlequin sprung floor. Intended for permanent installation, it is ideal for: Theatre stages Ballet Contemporary  Modern  Percussive (Tap/Irish/Flamenco) ...

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Harlequin Studio

Harlequin Studio; hard-wearing, slip-resistant vinyl floor with a firm but lightweight foam backing to provide protection against hard sub-floors. This makes it an ideal floor for demanding choreography and movement, but also when touring. A great floor for: Ballet Contemporary  Modern  Hip-hop, street and ...

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