08 09 2023

Choosing the Right Floor for Dance

A good quality dance floor is essential for dancers to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable environment to perform in.

20 03 2023

MOVE IT 2023

Harlequin were proud to be MOVE IT's official dance floor suppliers again this year. Here's some of the highlights...

26 01 2023

Harlequin look forward to celebrating 50 years of the Prix de Lausanne.

10 12 2021

Top 5 Christmas gifts for dancers

Looking for inspiration this Christmas? Read our blog to find your gift ideas for dancers.

15 04 2021

What is Contemporary Dance? Guide to Contemporary Dance

Find out more about contemporary dance and it’s key features, how it started and more in Harlequin Floors’ contemporary dance guide.

31 03 2021

How To Become A Dance Teacher

If you are extremely passionate about dance, you may eventually make the decision to become a dance teacher.

24 02 2021

Common Dance Injuries and Injury Prevention Tips

12 11 2020

What Is A Sprung Dance Floor?

Take a look at our article to understand what sprung floors are and how they can help aid your performance.

12 11 2020

Dance Floor Options

Sprung floors or vinyl? Discover which Harlequin dance floor is right for you with our dance floor options guide.

12 11 2020

What is the Best Floor for Tap Dancing?

Investing in the right flooring for your style of dance is important, particularly for the more unique demands of percussive dance styles such as tap.