Dance Studio Flooring

Harlequin offer a range of permanent, semi-permanent and portable dance flooring for studios used by dancers of all genres. From global dance companies to local dance schools and professional home studios, dance studio floors are a fundamental investment in your dancers health and wellbeing.

Designed and installed by industry specialists, give your dancers the confidence to practice and perform in your studio space with Harlequin’s dance studio floors.

Importance of Dance Flooring for Studios

Investing in the right type of dance flooring for your studio is important for your dancer’s health and wellbeing. The right dance flooring system will allow your dancers and teachers to practise and perform safely and with confidence while preventing the occurrence of slips, falls and micro-injuries.

Each style of dance has unique requirements of the dancer and the dance surface. Because of this, different dance styles require different types of dance studio flooring to best support the dancer. When investing in a dance floor for your studio space, it is important to consider what styles of dance will be practised in your space.

Percussive dance styles such as tap, Irish dancing and Flamenco will require dance floors that deliver a clean, crisp sound upon impact to support the performance. Whereas ballet studio flooring needs to provide sufficient traction to avoid slips and falls while also allowing for freedom of movement.

Installing the right flooring for the demands of your studio will allow your dancers to practise sequences with confidence, giving them greater mastery over their performance. While also allowing you to create and maintain a professional environment for your dancers and performers.

Case Studies

Harlequin Floors have supplied and installed specialist dance studio flooring for some of the UK’s most prestigious dance schools, performance spaces and home studios.

Strictly Come Dancing

The celebrity and dance professional contestants on the popular BBC television show Strictly Come Dancing use practice studios fitted with Harlequin Fiesta vinyl floor surface. Professional World Ballroom Dance Champion, and frequent Strictly contestant, Christopher Hawkins, also practises on Harlequin Liberty Ballroom flooring in his home dance studio.

The English National Ballet

Harlequin Floors can also be found in the eight rehearsal studios of the English National Ballet. Each studio is fitted with a Harlequin Activity sprung floor system and topped with Harlequin Cascade vinyl surfacing. Creating a beautiful dance studio floor offering protection against industries for their dancers.

The Royal Ballet School

Adjacent to the Royal Opera House, the Royal Ballet School trains the new generation of professional classically trained ballet dancers, and is known as one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the country. Each of their training studios have been fitted with Harlequin Cascade vinyl flooring to provide the right level of traction and support to meet the demands of their ballet dancers.

Sabrina Lonis

French dance teacher and choreographer, Sabrina Lonis transformed her garage into a private home dance studio with Harlequin Flexity sprung floor system and Harlequin Studio vinyl floor surface. At her dance studio at the Academy of Gournay-Sur-Marne, she trains her dance enthusiasts on Harlequin Activity sprung floor with a Harlequin Studio vinyl floor overlay.

Dance Studio Flooring Options

Harlequin Floors supply and install a range of different dance studio floors to meet the unique requirements of your dancers.

Sprung Dance Studio Floors

Harlequin sprung dance floors offer protection for dancers against impact injuries or longer-term micro-injuries to joints and stress to muscles in the legs and ankles. Ideal for a wide variety of dance styles including ballet, tap, hip hop, and more.

Harlequin sprung floors are designed for use with a wood or vinyl performance surface to create a dance flooring perfectly suited to your dancer’s needs. View our full range of sprung dance studio floors, available for permanent or semi-permanent installation or panels, ideal for multi-purpose studio spaces.

Vinyl Dance Studio Floors

Harlequin’s range of vinyl performance surfaces are suitable for any flat, hard surface, subfloor or as an overlay on one of our sprung floors.

Our vinyl floors each offer unique support and characteristics tailored to different styles of dance.

Harlequin Cascade

Harlequin Cascade vinyl flooring offers an excellent grip for dancers with a silky finish making it an ideal choice for many dance studios including percussive dance and ballet.

Harlequin Standfast

This heavy duty vinyl flooring is a great studio flooring option for dancers practising ballet, modern, contemporary and percussive dance. With a slip resistant surface, this vinyl floor can be laid on top of and hard sub flooring in your studio, including sprung flooring systems.

Harlequin Studio

A popular hard wearing vinyl dance floor, Harlequin Studio is a common choice for ballet studios. It’s slip resistant surface also makes it ideal for dance genres with more demanding choreography such as jazz, street and modern dance.

Harlequin Fiesta

Harlequin Fiesta has a hardwood effect finish and is ideal for ballroom dancing and percussive dance studios. This vinyl flooring is tailored for permanent installation and creates an excellent surface for any practice studio when used with a sprung floor system.

Harlequin Freestyle

Harlequin Freestyle is a vinyl floor designed specifically for hip hop, street dance and breakdance studios. Offering a slip resistant, padded surface for freedom of movement while minimizing the risk of injury while practising. Another ideal vinyl floor solution to lay over your studio’s sprung flooring system to give additional support to your dancers.

Whatever style of dance your studio space caters to, our team of professionals at Harlequin Floors are on hand to help you choose the right flooring to support your dancers. With professional installation services available to ensure your studio is a safe for dancers of all ages to practise in.


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