30 09 2022

Dance School in Barcelona Celebrates its 34th Anniversary with the Opening of New Dance Studios with Harlequin Floors

Elisenda Tarragó, a client of Harlequin for over twelve years tells us that “Harlequin floors protect and safeguard our teachers and students whilst dancing”.

25 08 2022

CAST.’s New Studios with Harlequin Floors

CAST. (Cowell Academy of Stage and Television) celebrate the opening of their renovated studios with Harlequin sprung and vinyl floors.

16 08 2022

The Royal Danish Ballet tours Denmark for their Open-Air Royal Summer Ballet

The Royal Danish Ballet perform on Harlequin Liberty HD sprung floor and Harlequin Studio vinyl floor in their Open-Air Royal Summer Ballet 2022.

10 08 2022

Burgos and New York International Choreography Contest

The Burgos & New York International Choreography Contest transformed Burgos into an epicentre of international choreographic creation and platform for new dance talent.

29 07 2022

Queensland Ballet opens their new Talbot Theatre

To celebrate the opening of their new Talbot Theatre at the Thomas Dixon Centre, the Queensland Ballet opened its doors for Bespoke.

25 07 2022

Harlequin supports the European Breaking Championships 2022

Harlequin provided over 300 dancers with Harlequin flooring at the EBC 2022.

14 07 2022

Harlequin Liberty Switch - Vienna State Opera Installation

Find out more about our installation of Harlequin Liberty Switch at the Vienna Opera House

25 05 2022

Seville’s Professional Dance Conservatoire “Antonio Ruiz Soler”

Antonio Ruiz Soler recently renovated with a Harlequin Flexity sprung dance floor and a Harlequin Reversible multipurpose dance vinyl top surface

17 05 2022

Kent College in Dubai opens new studio for their performing arts students

Kent College choose Harlequin Liberty and Harlequin Reversible in their new studio space

28 04 2022

Royal Academy of Dance opens their new HQ with Harlequin flooring in all seven studios and the performance space

Last month the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), opened their new international home for dance – their headquarters in Battersea, London.