19 01 2021

Leap Of Dance Academy

The Leap of Dance Academy has brought ballet to children in a poor district in Africa’s largest megacity, Lagos, Nigeria.

14 01 2021

Harlequin floors on TV

Harlequin's event and display floors are the industry choice for TV and film production.

13 01 2021

Home Studio Equipment

Harlequin's home studio range allows you to practice in the comfort of your own home as you aspire to reach your dancing dreams.

18 12 2020

The race to lift the glitterball trophy is finally upon us

The race to lift the glitterball trophy is finally upon us

16 12 2020

Harlequin Practice Mats - Christmas

A range of Harlequin Dance Practice Mats designed for budding dancers to practise at home.

16 12 2020

Harlequin Tap & Turn Board - Christmas

Harlequin Tap Dance Boards are designed to help percussive dancers to practise wherever they are.

19 11 2020

Spanish Ministry of Culture honours Iratxe Ansa

The choreographer and dancer received a prize in the National Dance Awards 2020

12 11 2020

What Is A Sprung Dance Floor?

Take a look at our article to understand what sprung floors are and how they can help aid your performance.

12 11 2020

Dance Floor Options

Sprung floors or vinyl? Discover which Harlequin dance floor is right for you with our dance floor options guide.

12 11 2020

Best Floor For Tap Dancing

Investing in the right flooring for your style of dance is important, particularly for the more unique demands of percussive dance styles such as tap.