Harlequin sprung floors

A Harlequin sprung floor can be laid onto a range of sub-floors (e.g. wood, concrete, carpet, plywood) and a surface finish must then be chosen; either a Harlequin vinyl floor or Harlequin hardwood or engineered board (this will depend upon the sprung floor chosen).

Sprung floors can be permanent or portable. Which floor is best for you?

  • Permanent - the sprung floor is permanently installed into a building and cannot be removed without risking damage to the floor.
  • Portable - the sprung floor can be semi-permanently installed, e.g. when touring, and removed and stored or transported once it's no longer in use.

Check out our range of Harlequin sprung floors. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Harlequin Activity

The Harlequin Activity sprung dance floor is a permanently installed sprung floor system, based on the well-established ‘triple sandwich’ construction originated by Harlequin over 30 years ago. It’s a fully-floating system with no fixings to the sub-floor and can be laid on any reasonably smooth and flat surface without prior ...

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Harlequin Actitherm

Harlequin Actitherm is a permanent sprung floor system that can be installed over underfloor heating and can be finished with a choice of Harlequin vinyl, solid hardwood or engineered board. Harlequin Actitherm is comprised of 18mm structural plywood, topped with 6mm flooring grade plywood* which is mechanically fixed and glued (to the 18mm plywood layer), ...

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Harlequin Liberty®

Harlequin Liberty® is a sprung dance floor panel system, designed for permanent or semi-permanent/portable installation. Harlequin Liberty® panels are laid in a brickwork fashion onto the sub-floor, so that cross joins do not coincide. Panels are joined together by a rounded tongue and groove, then secured using our ‘one turn of the key’...

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Harlequin Liberty® HD

Harlequin Liberty HD is a further development of our renowned Liberty panel system, designed with enhanced durability in mind, for more challenging environments.  Installed permanently or as a portable floor, panels are laid in a brickwork fashion onto the sub-floor so that cross joins do not coincide.The panels join together by a rounded tongue and ...

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Harlequin Flexity Plus

Harlequin Flexity Plus is a cost-effective, self-install sprung floor panel system, designed for permanent or semi-permanent installation.  Panels are laid in a brickwork fashion onto the sub-floor, so that cross joins do not coincide. The panels join together by a special tongue and groove, which are glued together for permanent ...

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Harlequin WoodSpring

The Harlequin WoodSpring sprung dance floor is a permanently installed sprung floor system. It’s a modern update of the traditional ‘basket weave’ construction that originated in the 19th Century but with 21st Century advancements. Harlequin WoodSpring comprises a layer of select WBP plywood, a triple-layer of custom machined southern ...

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