Harlequin Cascade™ - vinyl dance & performance floor

Harlequin Cascade - the ultimate heavy-duty dance floor, providing deceptively good grip, as well as a high-quality base for lighting designers.

Suitable for a variety of applications including:

  • Ballet 
  • Contemporary 
  • Modern 
  • Theatre stages
  • Aerobics 
  • Hip-hop
  • Street
  • Jazz 
  • Salsa 
  • Percussive (Tap/Irish/Flamenco)
  • Concerts
  • Multi-purpose use 
  • TV sets (used as a broadcast studio floor)
Harlequin Cascade is specified for loose-lay or permanent installation and is widely used as a ballet floor, although it's also a popular tap dance flooring choice and is used on tour by Riverdance; proving just how versatile it is.

An excellent choice as the vinyl performance surface when used in conjunction with a Harlequin sprung floor, Harlequin Cascade is also suitable for printing.

Available in black, light grey, dark grey, hazelnut or white.

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  • Permanent or Portable - Both
  • Roll width - 2m
  • Roll lengths - 10m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 25m
  • Colours - Light grey, Black, Dark grey, White, Hazelnut
  • Thickness - 2mm
  • Weight - 2.6kg/m²
  • Fire rating - Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)


Harlequin Cascade is suitable for use as a:

  • ballet dance floor
  • contemporary dance floor
  • modern dance floor
  • theatre stage floor
  • aerobics floor
  • hip-hop, jazz and street dance floor
  • salsa dancing floor
  • percussive dance floor
  • multi-purpose use floor
  • concert floor

It can also be printed onto!



Cleaning and Aftercare


Guide to Dance Floors
Guide for Architects
Harlequin Cascade specification sheet

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