Freestanding ballet barres

Choose from small, medium or large beech or aluminium barre versions.

  • Height from floor to top of lower barre - 82cm (2' 7").
  • Height from floor to upper barre - 1.05m (3' 4”).
  • Barre diameter - 4cm (1.5”).
  • Total foot depth - 73cm (28.7").
  • Adjustable feet for stability on an uneven floor.
  • Can be set-up in various configurations using extra components i.e. continuous line, L shape etc.
  • Wooden freestanding ballet barres come in an uncoated, natural sanded finish.

Small barre - length of barre 1.32m (4'3") and approximate weight is 9kg.

Medium barre - length of barre 1.82m (6') and approximate weight is 12kg.

Large barre - length of barre 3.6m (11'8") and approximate weight is 20kg

Available to purchase online at The UK Harlequin Shop. Alternatively, contact us for more information.