Harlequin Floors at Jean-Michel Jarre’s captivating European Tour

26 October 2016
Harlequin Floors at Jean-Michel Jarre’s captivating European Tour

Kicking off in the UK at the beginning of October, French Electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre’s European tour has got off to a fantastic start, captivating audiences with its spectacular show production, with Harlequin Reversible as the floor of choice for the duration of the tour.

In the words of The Guardian which has called the show ‘sensational’, Jarre’s show ‘enthralled the crowd and full-house at London’s 02 Arena’. For the highly stimulating show, complete with towering laser beams, production values were high and so Production Manager, Kevin Hopgood, turned to the flooring provider he knows and trusts.

“Harlequin floors are my first and only choice for all my touring productions. The rigours of concert touring are one of the toughest tests on these products and they never let me down.”

He continued: “The quality of finish is an important factor in the presentation of the show and gives performers the consistency of look and feel that they need. They are equally robust to the challenge of use on multiple shows in arenas across the world and our touring crews and stage manager can always rely on the product to take the punishment of the road”.

Photos courtesy of Louis Hallonet