Choosing the right floors for dance education

Whether it’s for the world’s leading dance companies or classes in schools, colleges or universities, the same fundamental criteria apply. Choosing the correct dance floor is important for health, safety and artistic performance.

Dance blends artistic practice with physical activity and has an affirmative impact on young peoples’ education and learning. It can improve self-esteem and help tackle obesity and other health issues.

Dance is a compulsory activity in schools within the PE National Curriculum at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. Pupils in Key Stages 4 and 5 should have the option to study dance either for qualifications at GCSE, A/AS Level, or through vocational routes within Applied General Qualifications.

Wherever a student chooses to study dance it is important to make sure that the learning environment is equipped to meet professional standards with sprung floors, mirrors and barres. Experts in biomechanics have established a link between the quality of the floor and likelihood of injury, demonstrating that a floor with a consistent response and the correct degree of ‘traction’ is vital.

Harlequin Floors collaborates with architects and contractors to specify the right dance floor performance flooring solution for schools, universities, and colleges. Find out more about how we can help you by contacting us at

Harlequin’s experience in dance education

Harlequin’s stage building and dance floor installation services guarantee a surface that is both long lasting and can contribute to the prevention of serious injuries in both children and adults.

Harlequin works extensively with schools, universities and vocational dance and performing arts schools.  Our expert teams have installed sprung and vinyl dance floors in education facilities across the world.  Our technical teams work with architects and building contractors to ensure that the floor that is specified is the most appropriate for the intended use.

As the global leader in performance floors Harlequin has provided the UK’s leading dance institutions with world class dance facilities; LIPA, The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Kingston University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Leeds City College, and the University of Northampton, among many others.

Harlequin Education Packs

For venues where dedicated space for dance is not available, Harlequin has developed four dance school flooring Education Packs suitable for teaching various types of dance, from the youngest age group upward.

Harlequin Education Packs include roll-out vinyl dance floors and a sprung floor option. They can be easily rolled up and stored away or fitted to stages and studio rooms. Harlequin Education Packs B and D meet the required dimensions for GCSE and A-level dance. Our range of Education Packs can all be easily stored away and provide extra comfort and safety for younger dancers.

If you are unsure as to which education pack to go for, contact us at

The Harlequin range of floors for dance education

Harlequin has a highly acclaimed range of sprung dance floors and wooden and vinyl dance surfaces developed in conjunction with dancers, sports scientists and experts in biomechanics.

The most popular sprung floors for education are Harlequin Activity, Harlequin Liberty and Harlequin Flexity.

The most popular vinyl dance surfaces are Harlequin Cascade, Harlequin Studio, Harlequin Standfast and Harlequin Allegro. Harlequin also has a range of engineered and solid wood top surfaces.

For further information and advice about the right dance floor for your requirements, please talk to our technical team on +44 (0)1892 514888

Hire a Harlequin performing arts floor

If you are considering installing a dance floor for a specific performance or show, or need to temporarily expand your dance studio facilities to meet current COVID-19 related restrictions, Harlequin offer a dance floor hire service which will enable your institution to temporarily install a flooring of your choice.

For further information on Harlequin dance school flooring please contact our technical sales team on +44 (0)1892 514888 or


How Harlequin are supporting this sector

Academic research has provided insights into the relationship between injury and the quality of the floor. Harlequin has taken a lead role in working closely with the dance community, funding research and then employing the latest developments in materials technology to create floors that provide an optimal solution.

Harlequin floors are widely used in educational establishments and even include versions that can be rolled out for classes in a gym or hall.

Who we work with

"There are many things that a dancer has to contend with. They have to remember the steps, perfect the technique, respond to the music and they have to perform. One of the things they don’t want to have to worry about is the floor they are dancing on, and they know that with Harlequin they will be secure. The flooring has to be appropriate for all types of genre. You look at value for money, but it’s the care and attention that Harlequin as an organisation gives to the Royal Academy of Dance that is one of the many reasons for choosing a Harlequin floor".
Lynn Wallis Former Artistic Director Royal Academy of Dance