Cleaning your Harlequin floor

Cleaning Harlequin vinyl floors

The recommended maintenance instructions must be followed to ensure that the Harlequin Vinyl Floor retains its appearance and performance characteristics. Failure to do so may invalidate the guarantee. If in doubt, please contact your Harlequin Technical Advisor on 01892 514888

Full instructions for cleaning all Harlequin floors can be found in our the Downloads section under ‘Care and Maintenance’.

Material Safety Data Sheets are available to view and download within our Downloads section under ‘Material Safety Data Sheets’.

Harlequin vinyl floor cleaning products are available for purchase from our online shop.

All new Harlequin vinyl floors should be cleaned with Harlequin Vinyl Daily Cleaner before use in order to remove any residue which takes place during the manufacturing process.

The frequency of cleaning and type of maintenance required is dependent on the frequency of use and the degree of soiling. However, daily cleaning will be more effective, and the floor will retain its performance characteristics longer, if a regular ‘deep clean’ is undertaken.

Always use Harlequin cleaning products to the dilution rates recommended. Improper use, or use of incorrect products, can have an adverse effect on the floor and may invalidate the guarantee. Abrasive powders or creams, strong solvents such as Acetone or highly alkaline solutions should not be used, they will result in irreversible damage.