Robin Antin and Kenny Wormald open new Playground studio in London

27th June 2024

Playground London is the newest addition to the Playground brand offering master classes and dance sessions in its brand new studio space in central London.

The Playground brand was founded by Pussycat Doll creator, Robin Antin, and actor and choreographer, Kenny Wormald, in 2017, with the first studio opening in LA. Playground LA, located on Melrose Avenue, has become a hub for dance enthusiasts, professionals and artists.

Last year when Kenny moved to London with his family, Robin and Kenny decided that it was the perfect opportunity to expand Playground by opening a brand new studio space in London. 

Located near Aldgate and Whitechapel, the new London studio has a Harlequin Flexity sprung floor and a Harlequin Reversible Pro performance surface. Kenny said: “My knees used to kill on the old floors and since we’ve got Harlequin floors, I don’t feel pain in my knees after I teach all day and that’s priceless.”

Playground London offers a range of dance classes including hip hop, heels and choreography. All classes and sessions range from beginner to advanced.

Playground London for web | Professional Sprung & Vinyl Dance Floors | Harlequin Floors

Playground NEXT DOOR, the newest location of Playground LA, recently opened directly next door to Playground LA on Melrose, where Robin and Kenny chose a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor. Robin said: “We knew that choosing the right dance floor was non-negotiable. Harlequin Floors was the clear choice, aligning perfectly with our values and aspirations. These floors have become the foundation upon which our dancers build their dreams and careers.

“This is truly the best flooring ever. I would never go with any other flooring than Harlequin, that’s for sure.”

Playground Next Door Studio | Professional Sprung & Vinyl Dance Floors | Harlequin Floors

The goal of the Playground brand is to inspire and celebrate the art of dance in Los Angeles, and now London. Robin said: “Dance is for everyone. It’s great for your mind, body and soul. If you’re having a bad day, you just go and dance. There’s no judgement at Playground, everyone’s in the same boat.”

As well as offering a range of dance classes, Playground LA hosts events for brands such as Nike, Adidas and Kappa. TV shows, music videos and auditions have also been held at the studios. Kenny said: “The thing that I love the most about it is the community that we built. Sharing the space with so many talented artists and seeing people like Justin Bieber or Megan Thee Stallion visit Playground LA is incredible.”