Sabrina Lonis dances on Harlequin in her own home
21st April 2020


Sabrina Lonis is a French dancer, choreographer, teacher and Youtuber with more than 800,000 subscribers to her channel.

When Sabrina decided to transform her garage into a private dance studio, the choice of floor was already very clear:

“I have known Harlequin for 13 years, since I studied in Paris to become a dance teacher. I quickly got used to the comfort and quality of a Harlequin floor, as well as the peace of mind associated with optimal injury prevention.”

For her new studio, Sabrina chose a Harlequin Flexity sprung floor because it can be easily installed either permanently fixed with glue or with screws for a semi-permanent solution. Harlequin Studio performance vinyl was installed on the top surface.

Some of her successes are on display as trophies in Sabrina’s dance studio. © Sabrina Lonis

Illustrating the process on her You Tube channel, Sabrina said:

“I was really surprised at the ease of installation. It is important for me to be able to take the dance floor with me if I decide to move. ”

Harlequin Flexity is a self-install sprung floor. © Sabrina Lonis

Sabrina also teaches a new generation of dance enthusiasts. At her dance studio at the Academy of Gournay-Sur-Marne, the space was completed with a Harlequin Activity sprung floor covered with a Harlequin Studio vinyl dance surface.

“I wanted to share the feeling of security with my students and allow them to make mistakes without risk of injury. I had a Harlequin floor installed for my regular dance lessons and we have been using it for five years” explained Sabrina.

“I would recommend Harlequin because it is our responsibility as teachers to protect our dancers as well as ourselves. I noticed a clear change in my students, who were able to take greater risks thanks to the Harlequin floor. Now they really notice when we perform somewhere else on a floor that is not suitable for dancing. They understand the importance of a good foundation and no longer want to be deprived of it either!”

Sabrina with her Youtube plaque and Harlequin certificate of authenticity. © Sabrina Lonis

You can watch Sabrina’s work on her Youtube channel and her home studio installation here:

You can also watch her teach Instagram classes on her Harlequin floor: