Harlequin Activity™ sprung floor

The Harlequin Activity sprung dance floor is a permanently installed sprung floor system, based on the well-established ‘triple sandwich’ construction originated by Harlequin over 30 years ago. It’s a fully-floating system with no fixings to the sub-floor and can be laid on any reasonably smooth and flat surface without prior preparation.

Harlequin Activity is shock-damped to avoid a ‘trampoline’ effect and provides area and point elasticity to offer identical characteristics across the whole floor. It is an ‘industry standard’ choice with many hundreds of installations worldwide, effectively reducing injuries to both teachers and performers.

Harlequin Activity is installed by our own highly-skilled technical team and all work is fully guaranteed. Different surface options include:

  • A Harlequin vinyl performance floor, selected from our range
  • Solid hardwood - in beech, oak or maple
  • Engineered board with a hardwood wear layer - in beech, oak or maple.

If a Harlequin vinyl performance floor is chosen, a colour matched composite edging profile will be installed around the finished edges. If solid hardwood or engineered board is chosen, the skirting will be ‘optional’.

For more information about our sprung floors, advice or a quote, contact us. Alternatively, fill out the enquiry form below and one of our team will be in touch shortly.


  • Permanent or Portable - Permanent
  • Minimum floor thickness (before inclusion of chosen finish) - 46mm
  • Minimum floor weight (before inclusion of chosen finish) - 14.1kg/m²
  • Testing standards - EN14904-2006
  • Average shock absorption - 59.6%
  • Maximum point load (BS EN 1195) - 549kg


Harlequin Activity can be used in conjunction with the following surface finishes:



Cleaning and Aftercare


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