Harlequin adds shine to fashion event

06 June 2016
Harlequin adds shine to fashion event

The new colour option of silver Harlequin Hi-Shine, taken from their new ‘metallic’ range, certainly brought a fabulous high shine gloss to the set constructed for Chadstone’s fashion launch in Melbourne.

Thanks to its glossy ‘wet look’ appearance, Harlequin Hi-Shine has quickly become extremely popular among set designers for fashion runways, product launches, television sets, exhibition stands, music videos and theatres. Available for the first time in a metallic silver, which joins the established colour range of black, white, red, grey and blue, Hi-Shine rolls out easily and lies flat, creating a breathtaking finish.

Gloss Creative Pty Ltd were responsible for producing and staging the event which launched the new fashion season in style at Chadstone; promoted as “Australia’s fashion capital”. Chadstone is a retail destination that boasts “the largest collection of designer boutiques and luxury brands under one roof”.

As with every live event, solving last minute snags and problems is the norm but production teams are driven by the motto “The show must go on.” So when a consignment of Harlequin’s Hi-Shine floor came up just short of the size required for the fashion launch, Harlequin’s Anthony Goetz boarded a Melbourne bound flight and dropped off a 30m Hi-Shine roll at 3am to ensure the show could go on.

Best known for their range of world leading dance floors, Harlequin Floors have a first hand understanding of the demands of productions and events and value good service as an essential partner to good quality products. It is actions like Anthony’s that have built and maintained that reputation. No wonder Gloss Creative Pty Ltd “Love Harlequin Floors.”