Harlequin Hi-Shine for Courant d'Cirque
13th February 2019

Contemporary circus company Courant d’Cirque presents a new production “Boutès 4.41” at the Theatre Les Halles (TLH), Sierre, Switzerland from 14 – 23 February 2019.

The new show created by Courant d’Cirque and singer Alice Torrent encompasses circus and musical performance.  Inspired by Boutès the sailor of Homer’s Odyssey,  Boutès 4.41 explores the life and choices of two young women.

Harlequin Hi-Shine performance vinyl in reflective gloss black was selected for the production.   Technical Director, David Glassey said:

“I knew of course Harlequin flooring is widely used in theatres but this is my first time working with Harlequin Hi-Shine.  We specifically selected it for its mirror effect.  Boutès 4.41 refers to the myth of Boutès in the Odyssey of Ulysses who throws himself into the sea following the siren song.  To reproduce the effect of water, we opted for Harlequin Hi-Shine  to give a real depth to the scene.”


Boutès 4.41 created by Tania Simili and Alice Torrent
Art Direction and Direction: Sarah Simili
Sound Design: Alice Torrent
Lights and Visuals: David Glassey
Costumes: Patty Eggerick