Harlequin Clarity and The Australian Ballet
10th June 2019

The Australian Ballet’s Aurum, winner of the prestigious Rudolf Nureyev Prize for New Dance had its New York premiere at the Joyce Theatre in May 2019.

The production created by admired dancer and choreographer Alice Topp first opened in 2018 to critical acclaim as part of the Company’s Verve programme.

Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi – the repair of cracked pottery with precious metals, the work explores ideas of strength and illumination in vulnerability with exquisite performances mesmerising and moving audiences.

Jon Buswell, Set and Lighting Designer, Aurum, The Australian Ballet:

“I’m so grateful Harlequin were involved in the development of this idea. The theme of the work was to be about repair and the Japanese art of Kintsugi. The belief that an object, by being repaired becomes more beautiful because of the repair. We created a concept for a floor that becomes a backdrop. The floor would look like smashed concrete and we would use the cracks to separate dancers from each other to signify breaking. Then as the floor moved we would see industry, represented by a golden mirror, the idea that we are all responsible for our own repair. The final state would be transformation – making something ordinary become extraordinary.  Harlequin were along for the ride and did whatever it took to make it work. It was a great experience – a highlight of my nearly thirty years of working in this industry.”

The outstanding production featured a reflective gold Harlequin Hi-Shine vinyl performance floor and a spectacular Harlequin Clarity transparent vinyl bespoke printed with Jon Buswell’s unique design for the flying backdrop.

Photo Jeff Busby

Choreography and costume design Alice Topp

Staging and lighting design Jon Buswell

Music Ludovico Einaudi