Biscuit Ballerina opens 10th European Lotteries Congress in Antwerp
31st May 2019

Shelby Williams and the Royal Ballet of Flanders have opened the 10th European Lotteries Congress in Antwerp with a spectacular dance act. The American dancer Shelby Williams has created a persona as “the Biscuit Ballerina” with an important message: Nobody is perfect, we all face struggles in our lives. Dancers can relate to each other’s frustrations and we should encourage one another to push through.

For the European Lotteries Congress, which was themed “The Success of Chance”, the Biscuit Ballerina has created a special choreography. The piece, aptly named “Chance”, was performed on 150m² of Harlequin Liberty sprung floor and we are delighted to have been able to contribute to the success of their performance.

Shelby Williams and Royal Ballet of Flanders perform Chance