Harlequin Mirrors

Dance studio mirrors are an important fixture of any dance studio and enhance a dancer's ability to learn and improve routines and techniques.  For the student the mirror provides immediate visual feedback allowing them to evaluate the height and shape of their movement and line of their bodies.  It enables dancers to see themselves as the audience will see them and is an important tool for technique training.

Mirrors also greatly benefit the dance teacher giving them greater visibility of their class and students from more angles.  The mirror also supports the teacher as an instructional tool.

For smaller dance spaces mirrors can give the impression of a larger and lighter area by adding depth to the dance space.  

Harlequin Floors supplies and installs a range of the highest quality shatter-resistant mirrors which can be fitted to your required area and needs.  Our mirrors have a smooth polished edge and are the latest low iron Pilkington mirror which gives a whiter and brighter appearance when compared to a normal mirror.  All our mirrors conform to British and European Safety standards and can be fitted with mirror brackets.