Is your performing arts space ready to re-open?
24th June 2020

EPS June 2020

Many universities, schools and theatres are using lockdown as an opportunity to refurbish, repair or even repurpose their dance and performing arts facilities.

Harlequin is the world leader in advanced technology floors and stages for the performing arts.  Established in the UK over 40 years ago, Harlequin is the performance floor choice for the world’s most prestigious dance and performing arts companies, theatres, venues, universities and schools, production companies and global events.

Harlequin’s experience and reputation are founded on the design, manufacture, supply and installation of a range of high quality portable and permanent sprung and vinyl floors and studio equipment chosen by the world’s leading venues – from the Royal Opera House to the Bolshoi Theatre, the Paris Opera Ballet to the Sydney Dance Company.

As lockdown eases Harlequin’s installation teams are working with partners and clients to ensure we can carry out scheduled and new works where it is safe to do so.

Following UK Government site safety regulations and social distancing guidelines, the Harlequin team are on hand for site visits and installations. All Harlequin operatives have been briefed on the Public Health England (PHE) Site Operating Procedures (SOP) and Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) have been updated accordingly.

Where face-to-face site visits are not possible, we can work with clients over Zoom or Microsoft Teams to carry out a ‘virtual’ site visit.

As performing arts facilities re-open, the need for social distancing will be a major consideration. In many cases, rooms and spaces within facilities will need to be re-purposed to allow dance and other performing arts to be practised safely.

When lack of dedicated dance space becomes an issue, Harlequin’s Hire Service enables customers to hire our renowned Harlequin Liberty sprung floor panels on a short or long-term basis in order to increase the area available for dance. We even have sprung dance floors that can be used outdoors if required – our Harlequin Liberty HD panels are coated with a black polymer resin on both sides and have a textured, high grip pattern on the top surface, which is wear-resistant, anti-slip and weatherproof.

Harlequin also has a range of tapes that are specifically designed for dance vinyl and can be used as distance markers without the risk of damaging the floor.

Social distancing will not be the only challenge facing performing arts facilities as they re-open, cleanliness and hygiene will also be of paramount importance.

Harlequin provide a range of cleaning products designed specifically for use with Harlequin vinyl performance floors.

Harlequin Vinyl Daily Cleaner contains the biocide Benzalkonium Chloride which provides antibacterial properties and has been proven to be effective against most bacteria and viruses, including novel human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

A good cleaning regime is critical. Daily use of Harlequin Vinyl Daily Cleaner is a minimum good practice and will maintain the optimum performance of your Harlequin performance floor while keeping it hygienically clean, reducing the likelihood of any harmful germs, bacteria or virus accumulating on the surface of the floor. More frequent use is acceptable if required and is recommended if there are frequent changes of personnel using the floor – after lessons, for example.

In these difficult times it is worth noting that specifying the correct floor for dance and performing arts is critical to the safeguarding of dancers, helping to protect them against the risk of slips, falls and long-term stress injuries. A good dance floor instils confidence in dancers to give full expression to their creativity, safe in the knowledge the dance floor will offer a consistent response.

Although dancers may not be the commissioning clients, they are the end users. When specifying a floor for dance, using general flooring or sports floor standards will not ensure the right floor is installed.  Only a floor developed specifically for dance will do.

Harlequin continues to work with dance industry specialists around the world to research and develop floors that support the physical demands of dancers and give them a floor they want to dance on.

For more information about specifying the correct floor for dance and performing arts, visit our website

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