Harlequin Floors and the Royal Academy of Dance
14th August 2015

Harlequin Floors and the Royal Academy of Dance

Harlequin Floors has a long-standing unique relationship with the Royal Academy of Dance, one that was initiated more than 25 years ago, by company founder Bob Dagger.

Harlequin and the Royal Academy of Dance have a shared interest in the success, well-being and general welfare of dancers. As one of the world’s most influential dance education organisations, the RAD’s exams set the standard in classical ballet worldwide. The Academy is a global leader in dance education and Continuing Professional Development for dance teachers and professional dancers. Harlequin enjoys global leadership in dance floors, working closely with the world-wide dance community to develop floors that inspire confidence in dancers, supporting and applying research to improve safety issues and encouraging emerging talent through scholarship programmes.

A recent example of this relationship was demonstrated in China. Harlequin Floors Group Marketing Manager Mark Rasmussen was on hand when Madam Zhao, Artistic Consultant of Morning Star Ballet signed an historic partnership agreement in Beijing with RAD Chief Executive, Luke Rittner. Speaking from the Harlequin Studio at the Morning Star Foundation in Beijing, Luke Rittner said, “The facilities here are envy making. They are state of the art, they are brand new, the studios are wonderful and the Harlequin floors of course are wonderful.” He continued, “The Royal Academy of Dance and Harlequin Floors have had a relationship for many, many years and it is one the Academy is very proud of and we treasure very greatly.” Summing up he said, “We really couldn’t do our work without good floors and Harlequin provides good floors.”

Harlequin Floors has been the choice of the Royal Academy of Dance for many years and it is to Harlequin that the RAD often turns to for dance floors for special events. Events such as creating a professional dance floor in a variety of outdoor venues, conferences, exhibitions and fund-raisers – all places where dancers could otherwise not perform safely because of the hardness of the existing floor. Just one example of the co-operation was the response from Matthew Cunningham, Director of Fundraising and Development at the Royal Academy of Dance following Moving North, the RAD’s newest dance competition. He commented that he was truly grateful to Harlequin for all their support and to their installation staff for helping with the set up and break down. “The high calibre of competitors made for a very enjoyable day celebrating new, young talent and everyone had a great time,” he said.

Harlequin has become adept at the logistics of delivering and setting up sprung dance floors at a variety of outdoor locations. Back in 2006 it was the ‘Big Dance’ in Trafalgar Square, in 2008 ‘Step into Dance’ at The Museum in Docklands’ and in 2014, Antwerp Central Railway Station, to highlight just three examples. Next month it will be Harlequin Floors providing sprung flooring when the Genée returns to London, just another example of the perfect partnership between Harlequin Floors and the Royal Academy of Dance.