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Stage Floor Building & Refurbishment

Theatre professionals know how important it is to have a stage floor that is hardwearing enough to withstand all the fit ups, get outs and rigging that needs to be completed for every show - floors that will happily accommodate trucks, flats and scissor lifts.

Harlequin work alongside architects and stage consultants to design, build and install stage floors which will satisfy this need for strength, as well as being easy to maintain and flexible, with the optional inclusion of dip traps, orchestra pit fillers and provision for trap doors or ballet wagons.

When an existing stage floor finds itself in need of refurbishment, Harlequin offer a range of services including:

  • sanding and repainting existing wooden floors
  • replacement of a 'sacrificial' hardwood top layer
  • installation of hardwearing Harlequin Standfast performance vinyl, glued and welded to provide a smooth, easy to clean surface.

In some cases, where the refurbishment may require a partial rebuild, an initial site visit by the Harlequin technical team is required. They will work with the venue's technical staff, building contractor or architect to jointly establish which structural elements can be retained and which must be replaced.

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Decades of specialist industry experience and support


Harlequin combines traditional floor construction skills using a combination of natural materials and advances in engineered products. With its skilled teams of carpenters and floor layers, all CRB certified for work in schools, Harlequin Floors is trusted by the industry's leading venues and consultants.

Harlequin also supports several industry shows and conferences, where you can meet members of the knowledgeable Harlequin team.

  • We have been a sponsor of the ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) for over 28 years and exhibit at their annual London show.
  • We are a long-standing sponsor of the Theatres Trust which runs a conference annually in conjunction with the ABTT show.
  • We are a member of PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association) and exhibit at their annual London show as well as their popular 'Focus' events in Leeds and Glasgow.
  • We are leading sponsor of ITEAC 2018 (International Theatre Engineering & Architecture Conference)

Interesting facts

  • During one refurbishment on a cruise ship, the Harlequin team had to replace the main stage surfaces whilst the ship was at sea carrying passengers. The team worked through the night after 'curtain down' for four days, replacing the worn surface in sections so that the stage was usable by midday for the afternoon and evening performances.
  • Did you know that a 'raked stage' is a platform that's arranged at an angle so the upstage end (the one furthest from the audience) is higher than the down stage end (closer to the audience). This can help to bring a performance closer to the audience and make it visible for all audience members, no matter where they're sitting.


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Still unsure?

If you would like further information, samples or a quote or just wish to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact our experienced sales team. They've worked on a wide range of projects and can advise on the best floors for your needs, along with accessories and aftercare.