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Harlequin Vinyl Cleaner - Heavy Duty Cleaner 5L

£29.50 + VAT


A concentrated, heavy-duty deep cleaner designed to cut through build-up of residue and emulsion.

This product has been formulated for use on any Harlequin vinyl performance floor.


This product has been formulated for use on any Harlequin vinyl performance floor. Please refer to our cleaning and maintenance instructions for full guidance.

A 5 litre container should provide coverage for approximately 100m² to 150m² (depending on how dirty your floor is).


If you have used Harlequin Vinyl Dressing and Harlequin Vinyl Maintainer, the build-up of both solutions will need to be removed periodically using Harlequin Vinyl Heavy Duty Cleaner.

We recommend that this is undertaken once or twice a year.

  • Prior to cleaning, sweep or vacuum the vinyl to remove any loose dirt and dust.
  • Dilute the Harlequin Vinyl Heavy Duty Cleaner in the ratio of 1:25, 200ml in 5 litres of hot water
  • Mop on or use a scrubbing machine and leave for 2-5 minutes. The solution will turn white when the Harlequin Vinyl Heavy Duty Cleaner is working
  • Scrub if necessary and remove residue with a mop
  • Rinse with clean water and allow to dry thoroughly.

Harlequin Heavy Duty Cleaner

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