Harlequin Vinyl Dressing 5L

£27.50 + VAT


An acrylic emulsion dressing that provides a long-lasting, tough protective coating for your Harlequin vinyl floor.

This product can be used on any of our vinyl dance surfaces except for Harlequin Fiesta and Harlequin Hi-Shine.



A 5 litre container should provide coverage for approximately 250 m2.


Initial application

  • On a completely clean and dry floor, apply the first coat of undiluted Harlequin Vinyl Dressing with a mop or pad ensuring that a thin even coat is applied
  • Allow the first coat to dry completely, which could take at least 40 minutes depending upon the size of the room, before repeating with a second undiluted coat, working at right angles to the first coat
  • If a third undiluted coat is required, ensure the previous two coats are thoroughly dry

Routine cleaning

Please use Harlequin Vinyl Maintainer as your regular cleaner.

Periodically, once or twice a year, we would recommend that you remove any build up of dressing using Harlequin Vinyl Heavy Duty Cleaner.

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