Harlequin vinyl floor cleaning products

We provide a range of cleaning products for use with our Harlequin vinyl floors:

You can view and purchase the above online at The UK Harlequin Shop. However, if you're unsure as to which products are most suitable for you, then please feel free to contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders placed online via the UK Harlequin Shop will only be delivered to England, Wales and parts of Scotland, excluding Highlands and Islands. Online orders cannot be taken outside of the UK.

Cleaning your Harlequin vinyl floor

Cleaning your Harlequin vinyl floor

Initial cleaning of all new Harlequin vinyl floors All new Harlequin vinyl floors should be cleaned with Harlequin vinyl dance floor cleaner. Cleaning a floor that IS NOT or WILL NOT BE dressed with emulsion If you do not wish to dress your floor (with an emulsion dressing) then Harlequin vinyl dance floor cleaner can be used as your routine general ...