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New role for Mark Rasmussen at Harlequin

New role for Mark Rasmussen at Harlequin
If you’ve attended an industry event in the last seven years, be it an exhibition, competition, industry advisory meeting or performer’s health conference you will, more often than not, have seen Harlequin Floors’ popular marketer, Mark Rasmussen in attendance or presenting. 

Mark’s industry expertise has been recognised with a new global role as Harlequin’s head of industry relations. Harlequin’s Managing Director, Guy Dagger, commented on the new appointment saying “There was a need to create a senior role that joins our worldwide Harlequin offices with our key customers, institutions, trade groups, researchers and the professionals working in the fields of dance science and performer’s health. Mark has such proven ability in these areas and is our most powerful presenter. It was an obvious appointment.”

Mark, joined Harlequin Floors in 2010 having previously worked for the American company GE following an earlier agency and FMCG background. 

Mark, pictured above (right) with this year’s winner of the Harlequin Floors Scholarship at the

Prix de Lausanne will be presenting alongside Peter Lewton-Brain from l'Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes-Mougins Rosella Hightower at next week’s Tanzmedizin (TAMED) conference in Vienna.  

Photo: Grégory Batardon.