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Harlequin expansion in Europe

11-Oct-2017 - 12 days ago
Harlequin expansion in Europe
Harlequin have expanded sales and technical support in Berlin and Brussels.

In Germany, Claudia Frohlich, Britta Fleck-Zink and Sanela Iseken have newly joined the group.

Claudia is part of the established customer service team in Berlin; Britta and Sanela are based in the new Harlequin Deutschland-am-Rhein office in Bochum, focused on bringing world-class
technical support to clients in Niedersachsen, Nordrhein Westfalen, Hessen and Rheinland Pfalz.  

In Belgium, Nicolas Coolen has joined as Regional Sales Manager for Benelux and Scandinavia. Astrid Klubert, Harlequin Senior Sales Manager: " we are delighted that Nicolas has joined the Harlequin Europe team, he will support and enhance our customer service throughout Benelux and the Scandinavian countries".
The continued growth in the technical teams across Europe will ensure Harlequin continues to deliver unparalleled customer service and product innovation.


front row left to right Britta Fleck-Zink, Sanala Iseken, Christiane Bock

back row left to right Dirk Rüter, Claudia Fröhlich, Thomas Sieber

Photo on right: Nicolas Coolen