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What are the best floors for your needs?

From large world-renowned dance companies, to small dance schools, the dance studio is essentially a dancer's 'work' environment, the floor being the tool that is a fundamental part of their work which is why making the correct choice of dance floor is vital.

Sprung dance floor: Provides some degree of bounce and flexes under impact. Performers need this to absorb shock and protect their joints from injury, especially when performing jumps.

Semi-sprung dance floor: Designed to dampen bounce. Very thick vinyl flooring is often referred to as semi-sprung.

Vinyl dance floor: These can be used alone or as a dance surface on a sprung sub-floor. They offer added assurance for better protection from the risk of slipping and falling.

Choosing a floor very much depends on the dance style. Browse our range to get a better idea of the best floor for your needs or use our Floor Selector Guide to narrow down your search.

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How Harlequin are supporting this sector

Jerwood NIDMS Dance UK Healthy Dance NIDMS Dance UK Healthy Dance Programme

Harlequin has been working closely with the dance community for many years to develop a range of floors suitable for all forms of dance.

We work hard to develop floors that reduce dancer injury, often in collaboration with some of the world's biggest dance companies.  Trust and innovation are at the heart of everything we do.

We also support some of the industry's leading dance organisations including Dance UK, the Royal Academy of Dance and IADMS, as well as the CDET's Recognised Awards Scheme.

We are also proud to support Dance UK's initiative NIDMS (National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science) whose aim is to provide access for all dancers to high quality, dance specific healthcare and dance science services.


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Still unsure?

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