Our clients are always happy to provide us with testimonials and a variety of these can be viewed below.

Shakespeare's Globe - Sackler Studios

When Shakespeare’s Globe looked at floors for their new education and rehearsal centre, Sackler Studios, they chose a Harlequin Activity floor with a hardwood oak surface finish.

“It’s a product I am particularly familiar with due to working in and creating different spaces over the years and was something our acoustic consultant was keen on using. From a look and feel as a working surface and as part of the sound separation between all the studios I’m tremendously pleased.” Andy Scorgie, Head of Facilities Management, Shakespeare's Globe

The Morag Alexander School of Dance

"In January this year I fitted my new purpose built studio in East Lothian Scotland with Harlequin Allegro flooring which has been a great investment and huge benefit to the pupils in my school. The students love dancing on such an amazing surface and feel it greatly enhances their performance both in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance classes. We as teachers see an amazing change in the standard of all classes. I can not thank you enough for the help provided from all staff at Harlequin." Morag Alexander, The Morag Alexander School of Dance


“Well over 1,000 dancers, musicians and singers have performed their magic on those Riverdance stages, safe in the knowledge that Harlequin Cascade works as well and as consistently as they do!... Harlequin Cascade allows all our performers to deliver exhilarating performances in complete safety.” Julian Erskine, Senior Executive Producer, Riverdance


When Glyndebourne needed a floor for their production of the opera Hippolyte et Aricie, the visual brief was that they needed a surface that looked clinical and was gloss white, as well as a surface that could be danced on. The technical brief was that it needed to be taken up and re-laid twice every 24 hours and have heavy trucks run across it.

"The great thing about Harlequin Hi-Shine is how resistant it is. It withstands a lot of punishment but remains looking good.  We’ve been using Harlequin flooring since 1997 and the reason we come back time and time again is because we know the products and the customer service is excellent". Tom Harrison, Production Manager, Glyndebourne

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Harlequin Hi-Shine for photography

We are all familiar with Harlequin floors for dance, but what about when you need a crisp, clean reflection? 
When photographer John Aldred needed a reflective floor that could withstand wear and tear from the animals he was photographing, he discovered that Harlequin Hi-Shine vinyl display floor met his requirements.

“The more I work with Harlequin Hi-Shine, the more it impresses me.  It's had no problems with big dogs jumping around on it, nor 5ft long, 40lb lizards with razor sharp claws, and is extremely easy to keep clean. If a more durable, more cost effective, effortless to maintain, glossier and portable surface exists, I've certainly never heard of it.”  John Aldred, Photographer 

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Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

"The Harlequin floors are really lovely to dance on because they give you the support that you need for all the different moves you might be doing. It’s extremely important that the floors are of the best quality. First of all they need to have the right degree of spring in them, and that’s something that Harlequin are experts at. Secondly the actual surface has to be one that isn't slippery and isn't too sticky. So that’s Harlequin for us.

The floors have worn excellently, the quality is fantastic and they clean very well. Our floors are used not just by our students but external users such as dance companies, and the floors have been absolutely terrific for all of that time.

Harlequin is about top quality. The service is always very good so if ever we have had any call for advice to be sought, we always have somebody on the end of the phone.  We would continue our relationship with Harlequin for those reasons.

When I hear the word Harlequin I think two things: I think of course dance floors, but I also think a committed partner. We have been very lucky to work with Harlequin over the years. We wanted the best dance floors, we demanded the best dance floors and Harlequin has supplied them and been a very good organisation to work with throughout that time."

Mirella Bartrip, Director of Dance, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

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Photo: James Keates.

The Bolshoi Ballet

When Italian designer Ezio Frigero produced his stunning set for the Bolshoi Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty, the Harlequin dance floor was an integral part of the concept. Using advanced wide format computer controlled printing techniques, the Bolshoi’s design was digitized for printing on rolls of customised white Harlequin Cascade, which was laid onto a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor.

Extensive testing and experimentation during the development of the technique ensured the surface characteristics - so important to professional dancers - were maintained, while ensuring adequate adhesion of the inks to withstand scuffing from ballet shoes.

When discussing the new floor at the Bolshoi Theatre, Sergei Filin, Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Ballet said: “Harlequin floors are comfortable as soon as you stand on them. You can work for longer on them too. If you get tired after an hour on a different floor, you can work for two, three or four hours on a Harlequin floor.”

Kimberly Wyatt (former Pussycat Doll)

"Love the floor!! It's incredible to dance on!"

Kimberly Wyatt tweeting about the main stage flooring at the Move It dance show in London, UK - a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor with a Harlequin Cascade vinyl performance surface.

The Hong Kong Ballet

At The Hong Kong Ballet, one of Asia’s premier ballet companies, they choose a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor with Harlequin Reversible vinyl surface finish.

“We use Harlequin to give our dancers one of the most important foundations required to create a good performance - confidence. Whether in soft or pointe shoes, our dancers can focus on their performance knowing that the floor is reliable and has just the right amount of spring. A quality floor is the basis on which creativity and excellence in ballet begins.” Madeleine Onne, Artistic Director, The Hong Kong Ballet

Burn The Floor

Burn The Floor has performed to over 5 million people in 250 cities. Our dancers are all international Ballroom and Latin competitors who have been raised on wooden, sprung floors, which wasn’t a feasible touring prospect. Our biggest challenge was to find a surface that gave our dancers the confidence to be able to transition and express our art form without compromise.”

“Over the last 10 years, our relationship with Harlequin has modernised our approach to Ballroom and Latin dancing; smoothly transitioning our company to a Harlequin Reversible touring surface, which provides our dancers with the perfection and confidence they need to deliver their performances.” Peta Roby, Executive Producer, Burn The Floor

UNIS Hanoi

A specially constructed Harlequin semi-sprung batten floor system, with a Harlequin Standfast performance surface was installed at the United Nations International School of Hanoi.

“Harlequin provided us not only with a durable Harlequin Standfast floor but also a professional stage sub-floor build-up, customised to suit our school’s needs. Our stage floor is being put to the test daily by our students and can withstand the harsh climate conditions here in Vietnam.” Dave Porter, Director of Operations, United Nations International School of Hanoi

Royal Academy of Dance

There are many things that a dancer has to contend with. They have to remember the steps, they have to perfect the technique, they have to listen to the music and respond to the music, they have to perform and one of the things they don’t want to have to worry about is the floor they are dancing on and they know with Harlequin they will be secure and I think that’s the main thing. 
Royal Academy of Dance promotes knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally, so the membership and the organisation are absolutely thrilled that Darcey Bussell has become our new president. She is of course a ballerina of world renown. I am very fortunate to be able to work with a very broad range of people; teachers and students. I think it’s very important, the type of flooring dancers perform on. The floor is their friend, after all they are in contact with it the whole time when they are performing. Equally as a teacher, you spend many, many hours standing of a day and you want to know at the end of it that your body is still going to feel that you can walk home! You want to be able to feel that you can demonstrate a movement without worrying about the surface, without worrying about slipping, without worrying about there being a lump in the floor and also it’s about the health and safety of the dancers, that’s a hugely important.

At London headquarters we have many, many events and activities going on on a weekly basis. It may be students who are training on our teacher education programmes, children who come in for our workshops doing hip hop, students performing zumba or adult dance classes so the flooring has to be appropriate for all types of genre and that is one of the reasons why we selected it. You look at value for money but it’s the care and the attention Harlequin as an organisation give to the Royal Academy of Dance as well. The aftercare of the flooring, what we need to do with it so there are many, many reasons for choosing Harlequin. The Royal Academy of Dance has over 14,000 members worldwide and 1,000 on teacher education programmes.

Lynn Wallis, Artistic Director, Royal Academy of Dance

ReCall Studios

Harlequin Vitality self-install sprung floor system is so versatile that anyone can install it– even those with only basic DIY skills!

“I would recommend Harlequin Vitality to anyone who has a small studio or is just setting up.” Adam Brackenborough, Director, ReCall Studios

Phoenix Dance Theatre

Phoenix Dance Theatre is a contemporary dance company founded in 1981 and based in Leeds. They share a purpose-built facility equipped with Harlequin WoodSpring sprung floors with Harlequin Studio vinyl surface finishes.

“I’m very happy with the floors in the building. It’s actually very difficult to find a floor that has just the right amount of traction when barefoot. I’ve also used Harlequin a lot as a touring floor and I’m about to buy some more, the dancers and rehearsal director won’t allow me to buy anything else!” John Slater, Technical Manager, Phoenix Dance Theatre

Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet was founded in 1969 and is based in Leeds. They share a purpose-built facility equipped with Harlequin WoodSpring sprung floors with Harlequin Studio vinyl surface finishes.

“Northern Ballet has a long history with Harlequin; we’ve still got working floors that we bought in 2000! Harlequin means reliability. I’ve got confidence in their products and go back to them time and time again. When I talk to other ballet companies, we don’t talk about ballet floors, we talk about Harlequin floors. The dancers know they’re getting a top quality floor; that it’s going to be right and that they’re not going to slip, fall over or hurt themselves. And I know the floor’s not going to fail; it delivers every time.” Andy Waddington, Technical Director, Northern Ballet